Sudio NIVA (Review + Discount Code)

The other day I received a package from Sudio NIVA all the way from Sweden! I was really excited when they told me they were gonna send me their popular Nivå black, a pair of wireless, bluetooth earphones. Not only is it small and easy to carry around with the package it comes with, the quality is superb. I go to the gym at least 3 - 4 times a week so this definitely came in handy especially since it is sweat-proof. One thing about me is that I tend to forget to charge my earphones so the fact that these earphones total play-time is 17.5 hours is really up my alley.
Another thing I really like about these earphones besides the quality is the look of it. I love the sleek design (especially the black!) but it also comes in white and pink. It is very minimalistic and it won't get in the way if you have long hair. Also, there is a built in microphone so you can pick up calls whenever you want - all without the wires!
You can enjoy 15% off your Sudio purchase at with the code NCAVIEN. They will also be having a Valentine's Day promotion where you'll get an additional 10% discount and a free gift package when you purchase two or more earphones. It is also free delivery worldwide! I would highly recommend these for those who are frequently doing physical activities or those who go to the gym often. Till here, I hope you enjoy your Sudio Sweden earphones if you do get it! Nx


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