During the weekends is when I start dressing like I'm 18 again. This is a super street style look with the 90s red tinted sunglasses which are now back in trend again. They are the most impractical sunglasses ever but also one of the coolest looking ones! I bought these doc marts beginning of the year but never really wore them because they made my legs look huge but since my new job, I've managed to tone up a little. Also, I think these boots are best with super short shorts to help lengthen your legs or if you're tall, then you could pull them off with anything.
Top: Basic cropped top, Cotton On
Bottom: Black denim shorts, Topshop
Jacket: Authentic damaged denim jacket, Zara
Shoes: Jadon black polished smooth, Dr Martens
Sunnies: 90s red sunglasses, Taobao
I am absolutely in love with this denim jacket from Zara. It's cropped the right way and just the right oversize style. This one actually reminds me of one Gigi Hadid was photographed in but let's be real, we're no Gigi and this is the best I could pull it off! I'm going to be doing more beauty looks here (hopefully pictorials too) soon so stay tuned for that! Till here, I hope you're all well!

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  1. Wow! I am so impressed. You are very gorgeous on these photos. I would even say, that you look like a model. Especially, I like your outfit.