Prep Your Base To Love Your Face

You're damn right it's been a while. I've been so uninspired lately and settling into my new job (which is brilliant btw!), hence the lack of posts. The other day I received a package from 3INA and thought, why not do a quick review about it. This wasn't part of the sponsored requirement, so everything on my blog are honest reviews. Anyway, they sent me a few colour correcting concealers and the Glowing Face Palette.
So I did a quick and simple look with the products they sent to me, using the colour correcting concealers. In terms of consistency, the yellow and green concealer was a tad bit drying so I would suggest blending it out immediately after applying it. But can we talk about how amazing the yellow concealer is?! It covered up my eye bags so well! Totally recommend the yellow concealer for covering dark circles.
After the coloured concealers, I topped it off we my usual concealer, blended it out and put on some setting powder. After that, I used the pink and dark brown shades from the Glowing Face Palette on my eyes and used the lightest shade for highlighting. Also, did I mention that this is a vegan palette? How great is that? After the highlight I packed on a natural pinkish blush.
To finish off the look I used 3INA's lipstick in the shade 503, a very subtle shade which I think is great when you don't wanna look like a zombie but still need that extra touch of colour. Spray on some fixing spray and voila! A simple, everyday look that will make you look like you got up on the right side of bed and slept for over 12 hours.
The verdict? The Glowing Face Palette is a really versatile palette but if you're going for the blinding highlight, then this isn't the palette for you. The highlight is very subtle, perfect for an everyday look. The concealers, I would recommend the yellow but not so much of the green and purple, you could get others at a more affordable price that work just as well. The yellow though, quite a miracle concealer. The lipstick is a bit drying but the colour is stunning and long lasting. The fixing spray, oh my god, it smells AMAZING and works great! Overall I really liked the products but I do recommend heading over to their stores to test it out for yourself. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx  

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