Pink Nymph

Its not like I'm a nymph but this look was definitely inspired with a floral/pink nymph in my head. I think its has a very festival feel to it as well, and it is a look I would wear to a festival. The trick to this look is connecting your eyeshadow shade to your nose and cheekbone contour. You could literally this this looks with so many other colours. I realised videos really aren't my thing so I'm back here, writing and posting pictures haha
When doing this look, the tricky part is the eyebrows, one messed up line and you'll have a tough time cleaning up the mess. I used the same matte lipstick on my lips, on my eyebrows. Make sure to use an short angled brush to draw on the brows with precision. Also, I've really been into this freckled look! For this look, I used Dion Beaute's latest Low Key Shady AF highlighter and I'm living for it! On another note, I bought a bunch of makeup (fake/non-originals) from Lazada and I might just do a post on that because those are real steals. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

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