HEY YA'LL! So, it has been a month since my last post lol. I know I suck at keeping up with my blog (macam as if I've got some fab life haha). I finally have something interesting to post today, a new fancy outfit for you guys. The other day I was invited to Rimmel London, Malaysia's launch party and the theme was London streetwear and immediately I thought 'North London, that's how I'm gonna dress' because I loved Camden more than anything in London. So instead of a preppy look, I went for the grunge look. To be honest, I was quite nervous wearing this outfit because I don't usually wear outfits that are so revealing anymore after my weight gain (which I do plan to lose it all off soon... soon!). Then I thought to myself, this is probably the one time I will be able to dress this way in a very long time so I went for it.
Top: Black Lace Extreme Sleeve Blouse, Miss Selfridge
Bottom: Lace Up Denim Skirt, Something Borrowed
Shoes: Platform ankle boots, Unbraded,
Bag: Faux fur mini backpack, Unbranded, Harajuku Street
Eyes: Yes, Please!, Colourpop
Lips: Salem, Lime Crime
The party that night was super duper packed. I was very anxious going into the party because I was not allowed to bring a plus one and I basically knew NOBODY in KL. When I was there, I wanted to die at how much of a potato I am because there were so many beautiful and talent MUAs and influencers there. Eventually I met Jxhia, an old friend and her friends including the lovely Melanie and lasted through the night. Met a couple of super talented people and honestly, they were so nice! I cannot even begin to tell you how warm these girls can be.
Anyway, I recently came back from a holiday in Beijing/Tianjin with my family and can't wait to share my experience with you guys, so stay tuned for that post coming up! Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

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