The past few days has been gloomy. My dog has fallen very ill and it upsets me that I won't be able to be there with her until she fully recovers. She has gone through so much in life and although she is a fatty, she is one strong and tough doggy. I can only hope and pray she goes through a speedy, full recovery soon and get back on all fours by the next round I go home to visit.

Now I'm gonna rant on another upsetting and rather angry situation that has got me up in flames - a cheating incident. Didn't happen to me but someone very close to me. It angers me that people who are considered 'adults' would still do such a thing. It sickens me that this 'adult', a grown man, would cheat on his partner with another girl 10 years younger than him. Has the girl no self respect to sleep with another person's man? Does the guy have no sense of sympathy having to live off of his exes' home while he childishly decides to plan to live with his foolish young new thing? Why do people still do things like this? It really baffles me why people like this can't just openly tell their parter 'Hey, I don't think it's working out' but instead goes on to cheat on their partner. Are you not embarrassed of yourself for you did? She gave you her everything and you decided to just cheat on go on with a little girl that can give you what, sex and that's probably it? I wish I was there when she kicked you out of the house. I wish I was there with her kicking you out of the house. I wish I could've burned your clothes or thew them out of the apartment window. I wish I could've slapped and stabbed you for using her the way you. You balding bastard. To the young girl, I question what you see in him and how you could be so disrespectful and stoop so low to sleep with another person's man, especially one that isn't even attractive or a nice person at all! Karma will get back at you, the both of you.

That was rather lengthy lol but it feels good to let it out. I will never forgive the people who hurt the people who matters most to me. But let's get onto a lighter note now shall we? The other day I bought this super pretty dress from Zalora and little did I know that it was gonna be THAT low cut. 
Dress: Collection button down sun dress, Zalora
Shoes: Black platform mules, Charles and Keith
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Mules shoes are back in trend and to be honest I never thought I would buy a pair or even like it on me but this one I loved because of it's tall platform. It's super comfortable too and easy to pair with anything casual. Much has been happening at work but at the current moment, I have so much inspiration and urge to work on personal stuff as well. I'll be working on more videos when I have the time so do look out for that! Till here, I hope you're all well and having a great year so far. Nx

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  1. Wonderful dress. Black color looks so awesome. Mules shoes are back in fashion Is a good sign. Even I like those shoes.. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for the post.