Bali 17'

I went to Bali! For like, the fourth time now in my life lol. This time I decided video my trip even though I don't have the right tools to stabilise the video or edit the video like a pro BUT at least I tried. Like, really tried. You can watch the video below! 

But if you're not into shitty quality videos, there are some pictures below for you to enjoy. So I went to Bali with Kieran, our first couple holiday after 5 years of dating. It felt amazing going on a trip, just the both us. This trip was planned thanks to Malaysia Airlines for rewarding me with return flight tickets. Despite many complaints from people (especially Malaysians), I would fly with Malaysia Airlines over Air Asia any given time. The service you get on board is so different and the price you pay is honestly more worth it than on Air Asia, especially if you're flying long haul flights. The food has improved, you get free in-flight entertainment and comfortable seats!
We stayed at Uma Sapna, Seminyak for our trips and spent almost 80% of our time doing absolutely nothing in the villa or walking aimlessly on the streets near where we stayed. The resort we stayed in was BEAUTIFUL and the service was exceptional. They were so friendly and helpful and the villa, oh my, it was stunning! We had complimentary breakfast at Kilo every morning and not only was the food so delicious, the portion was huge! We ate like kings every morning. 
Out of the 5 days, we took 1 day to visit Ubud. It was a very tiring but fun filled day sweating like a mad person but it was eye opening how much has changed since the last time I visited these places. The last time I was here in Ubud about a few years ago, it was calm, serene and the temples were never crowded. This time when I visited the temples, it was crowded, sometimes noisy and just very different from what I remembered. It's a bit sad, but I guess it's alright. 
Gunung Kawi was on the list of places we visited that day and oh my lord it was SO TIRING walking that area but it was so beautiful. I believe its one of the must visit places when in Ubud. It was a very quiet and oozed this calming vibe which was really nice.

I didn't take much photos this round because I was trying to video the trip. If you've any suggestions on how I could improve, please feel free to comment below and let me know! I would really appreciate it. Till here, I hope you're all well and manage to take some time off work or take a break from all the stress and go off for a holiday. Nx

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