...not exactly flawless but pretty confident with the way I look. Things have been extremely hectic at work. All the events, preparation, planning - everything is just much. I barely have time alone, can you imagine how my seniors are working? Their butts off. Anyway, just a quick outfit post with my new 'flawless' sweater which looks more like 'less' coz my hair is covering it lol.
Top: Flawless cropped sweater, taobao.com
Bottom: Wrapped bodycon skirt, Zalora
Shoes: Black creepers, Platinum Mall in Bangkok
I've been loving copped sweaters recently, super trendy looking and comforable. It's going to be a very busy month, but I have more experiences to share with all of you and my trip to Bali is in May! I'm looking forward to so many things coming up. I apologise for not being able to update more often but I will try and do my best. I hope all is well for all of you! Nx

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  1. i dont know what i love more in this attire. wether it is your super spicy lip colour or the upper or just you as a whole. you inspire most of my clothings