This has been in my drafts for 10 days. I've got this bad habit of doing this recently but I've been trying to figure things out at work that I don't really know what to do with myself personally. I've lacked inspiration, I've lacked passion in everything I've been doing recently and it feels absolutely horrible. I question myself all the time 'What am I doing? Does this even work?' and yet every time I can never give myself a whole answer. I'm kinda hanging around like a headless chicken and honestly, that really sucks. My drive to do things I wanna do has just been at parked mode when it really should be in drive mode. So much frustration! But that aside, I had a great time spending Chinese New Year back home. I miss my family terribly right now but if looking like a potato sack is trendy, I probably nailed the look below.
Dress: Striped midi dress, Zara
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Slip ons, Cotton On
 I wish I had more to show or something new to share with you guys but I've really been so drained recently but I do hope that things will get better. On a plus side I just made an order from so that could mean new and better OOTDs! I will definitely be sharing more when I have the time and not feel like dying. Till here, I only wish all of you well. Nx

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  1. you look gorgeous. :) definitely no potato sack here. <3 from penang