Amora Scarlett

My first post for in 2017! Time passed so fast it's crazy. Next thing you know, Chinese New Year is just a week away! Chinese New Year is the season of going home, reuniting with your family, receiving (or giving) ang pows and new clothes! I've gotten a few new clothes even though I would not be celebrating this year. One of the new pieces I got was a pair of really cool sunnies from Amora Scarlett, which if you had seen on my Instagram, it's really monochromatic.
They have all sorts of sunnies available, even jewellery! Personally I really like their sunglasses because not only is it good quality (protecting your eyes is important!) but really stylish. This month, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, get free shipping with a minimum purchase of RM88 with Amora Scarlett! A pretty great deal if you ask me. Below are some syiok sendiri pictures of my new sunglasses from Amora Scarlett. 

In all seriousness though, I actually, really, really, like these sunglasses. To add on to the free shipping offer, get 10% off any purchase above RM50 with the code NICOLE78 when you shop on Amora Scarlett! Happy shopping this festive season and protect your eyes from the scorching CNY heat. Hope you're all well! Nx

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  1. Wow! i realy love the pair of sunnies you have shared with us. thank you for the varieties. This is a very great suprise gift to my cousin this christmas holiday as she is expecting something from me.