Faux It

I've been lazier than ever recently and I can't recall the last time I ever felt so laid-back with little to no worries over the weekend. To be honest it's a good thing because I wasn't constantly on my phone checking/doing work. It was a good weekend for me, waking up and doing nothing on a Saturday morning to waking up at 11AM on a Sunday morning. I think it's great to be able to spend my weekend doing things I like. Went to watch movie with the best friend and boyfriend, Dr Strange it was. A good movie really! Benedict was simply fantastic.
Top: Lace-up sleeved top, Forever21
Bottoms: Denim shorts, Cotton On
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Faux fur slip ons, Topshop via Zalora
It was as if I wear an 'ang moh' pyjama out haha. Comfort has always been a thing for me but to dress like I'm going to sleep is a whole new level for me. I think the laces on the top makes it a little more sexy and a little less lazy. Forever21 even has an entire section dedicated to lace-up tops! The slip ons were really comfortable and is a cheaper version of the Puma Fenty slip ons. I'm all about that faux fur recently! I think its a really interesting way of switching things up. Until here, I hope to have something up for you guys when I'm back home for my birthday. Hope you're all well! Nx

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  1. I love your top and shoes babe <3