Styling Midi Skirts

I've always been a fan of midi skirts even though I may not wear it often. Midi skirts have been in trend for many years and though the trend may have slowed down, it doesn't mean you shouldn't have one in your closet! The midi skirt is a staple for every woman - no matter your age, size or height, it will flatter your body in the right ways. Oh, and these midi skirts are perfect for both chilly and warm weathers. You could were it here in Malaysia or pack it along for your next Autumn/Winter holiday trip elsewhere! There are many different ways to style midi skirts from a more casual day-to-day look to formal wear. The midi skirt is versatile and can really be dressed up and down, all in one skirt. Here are my favourite stylish midi skirt outfits that you could try on.
1.    The edgy style is truly my style. Though I've gained weight and have avoided the crop top since, this combination is an easy casual look to put together. The spiked ear cuffs add a more rebellious touch to the whole look. Slip into a pair of sneakers or creepers and your look is done!

2.    A great way to style midi skirts is by layering on a chunky top. This look would be better for more chilly places, so best to wear when you're out of Malaysia for a holiday. Wear a flare floral midi skirt to make it more feminine and add some 'poof' to your bottom. 

3.    Pleated midi skirts are in trend and gives a different texture/style to the everyday midi skirt we usually see. Easily paired with anything, my option would be to pair it with some suede boots for a mixed textured look. Switch to a pair of ankle suede boots or flats if you're wearing this outfit in a warmer place.

4.    The classic way to style the midi skirt is by going for a more formal look. A pair of dainty pumps and a sleeved top of any kind would be perfect for a brunch event or a wedding event. I personally think this style fits everyone and elevates their elegance aura.

5.    Though not too much of my style, I love seeing people with darker skin tones dressed in more vibrant hues when style the midi skirt. A gold/bling belt to pair with bright colourful heels, throw on your favourite midi skirt with a white top and you're all set. If you're not up for heels, switch to a bright coloured pair of flats instead.
While the above are the different ways I would style a midi skirt, there a plenty more ways to style it to suit your own personal taste. Remember, walk with confidence and feel beautiful in your own skin no matter how you pair that midi skirt. I hope this post was helpful even though it certainly is something far different from my usual posts. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

*Images are not my own, only the editing. For the respect of each image owner, please do not republish the edited images.


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