Stone Fox

I finally got my hands on NYX Suede's Stone Fox, a cool grey shade and had the chance to wear it out last weekend. I love love love it! Not only does it stay on and doesn't smudge, it's not a tad bit drying. I really like this formula and totally did not disappoint. Anyway, just a quick update, I'm dying a little bit here due to the overload of work. I'm trying to keep myself collected and well, pushing and pulling through this whole thing. I really am doing my best to keep everyone updated and for all upcoming collaborations to run smoothly. Time hasn't been on my hands lately, hopefully it will some time soon. Anyway, I decided to go a little more vampy with the lipstick and the long black dress which is extremely comfortable. Somehow it made me feel confident and, bitchy. Odd, but yes, that. The chocker was literally a string I bought off in a bundle from Daiso fro RM5. Simple and easy instead of splurging RM40-50 for a similar (maybe slightly prettier) choker from Lovisa. I personally don't think it's worth it.
Dress: A-line maxi dress, H&M
Bag: Metalcraft hexagonal sling bag, Zalora
Shoes: Thick black creepers, Unbranded 
I'm looking to invest in a mini SLR which is more convenient for me to carry around instead of taking shitty quality images using my phone. I haven't decided on one but will probably settle on one soon. Well, I hope none of you are going through a rough patch in life like m now. Wishing all of you well and I will be back soon! Nx

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