I don't event know where to begin when I say my work life has been taking over my blogging life. It has been extremely exhausting for me because not only do I not get inspired to do anything, I don't get it enough sleep! But I guess that was what I signed up for. Despite all that I'm actually really glad I took up the job because I don't I've ever learnt so much within a month. One of the things that motivate me is having colleagues that are always there to help me, teach me and just be cool to chill with. Being an 'adult' broke my reverie of having an easy life but thats the only way we learn and move forward.
Anyways, if you noticed, I finally bought a domain! I guess this is one way to make sure I keep my blog updated and such. Also, new layout - woohoo! I'm really happy with it all and hopefully when I start learning to balance out my work, blogging and personal life will I finally get the full motivation I need to really push myself to success. Besides work, there really hasn't been much happening in my life. Life isn't fantastic at the moment for me but I'm trying - looking forward and thinking positive. 
Right now I'm looking forward to getting back on track with my blogging and personal life. I've neglected it for a whole month now since I've started working but I aim to get back on it - full throttle! So until here, I hope to post more often and hope you're all well! Nx


  1. if you don't mind me asking, what are you working as and have you officially graduated yet? :)

    1. Hey! I'm currently working as a social media specialist.