Pink Shadows

Whoa, more pink! We all know very well that I am certainly not a big fan of colours (besides black) when in comes to my sense of dressing but this was an exception made for the Benefit Brow Party (my previous post here). When I received the invitation, I was thinking to myself 'Oh shit, I've got nothing pink!' but then Zalora came to save me. I swear Zalora is amazing whenever I am in need of something urgently. I'm not even getting paid by Zalora to say all this, it is just true how amazing they are. I decided to go with a flare sleeved top which always makes me feel like a beautiful butterfly! *say it in Heimlich's voice from Bugs life*
Top: Bell sleeve cropped top, LASH via Zalora
Bottom: Irregular mini bodycon skirt, Room 11
Bag: Gold face faux fur clutch, Aldo
Shoes: Fabou platform heels, Jeffrey Campbell
I quite like the lighting in my pictures, something different even though the walls are pretty icky. Anyways, I've been trying to adapt to my new working lifestyle, working hard and hopefully improve myself and work like wise. It has been taking a lot more of my personal time than I expected but oh well, that is life isn't it? Tough at the beginning but I believe once you work your way up, life will become more bearable. Oh, I splurged on three Lime Crime Velvetines and am so excited for it to arrive (even though I just purchased it!). I will share about that once it arrives. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

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