Almost a month since I last updated. This is starting to become a bad habit. Not good but anyway, just short and quick update to let you guys know I'm still going to be updating my blog whenever I have something to share. Frequent updates are as usual, on my Instagram @ncavien. Speaking of Instagram, is anyone else annoyed at the new feed and how it shows you what it thinks you like instead of showing everything in chronological order? It really bugs me. I hate seeing posts go from 1 hour to 5 minutes to 40 minutes, I just want to make sure I see everything! Rather annoying, really. Time has passed so fast and it's already July - we've passed the mid-year mark. It's quite scary how time passes in a jiffy.
Anyway, this outfit was what I wore yesterday. It is something simple and an ensemble I would wear to work. I usually just go with my converse or sneakers though because it is much more comfortable. A dress and comfortable shoes is the best way to go for me during workdays.
Dress: Printed polo dress, Zara
Shoes: Sandal platform heels, Edge via Zalora
Bag: Mini round sling bag, taobao.com
This is probably one of my June favourites. I wore this a few times not only because it is comfortable but it is cute! There is even a croissant print on this dress! I attended a Make Up Forever workshop with Laureen and the lovely Sapphira (@sapphira_izwah) did a makeover on me. Unfortunately I did not manage to take good pictures of the look she gave me but I was so impressed and learned much from her. Do check out her Instagram where you can contact her as well. Until here, I will make sure to have more posts coming up this month. I will be starting work permanently next week, so I hope all goes well! Hope you're all well! Nx.

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