CreateMY: Think, Inspire, Experience

During the end of May, there was an event held at Hin Bus Depot called CREATE where everyone who attended had the chance to interact, engage and network with new people as well as party with the amazing line up of artistes. There were many activities as well to get people up and going. It was a very bright and colourful event with great music that had me hyped up all night! Quite frankly, for a person who isn’t really into colourful stuff I actually like how the colours were incorporated into this festive event. Did I mention the beautiful Carey Ng hosted this awesome event?!
One of the main activities that caught my attention was the CollaboArt Wall where guests could colour in on this massive drawing sheet with a beautiful drawing of Penang. The CollaboArt wall incorporated elements unique to Penang, which was based on the input from Koh Yung Shen (founder of Swagger Salon) and Ramsey Westwood. I personally thought it was a really cool idea and there was so much colour! It was unfortunate that my battery died before I manage to snap a picture of the CollaboArt towards the end of the night. Another really cool activity corner was the #MASHTAG corner where guests could create (get it, ‘CREATE’ like the event name, lol I’m quite lame) creative sentences using the blocks provided. If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve seen my so-called creative sentence, Dare to be Anything. Was quite proud of it in fact.
I brought Mehvar and Kieran with me to the event because who better to bring along than Mehvar whose second home is technically Hin Bus Depot. During the event there was a super cool (and rather tiring) activity called Crowd-in-Motion. It is a cycle frenzy where you get into a friendly competition with your friends to see who wins. Winners were given cool prizes, which I thought was definitely worth all that effort put into cycling. I was in a skirt so I didn’t manage to try it out or else I would’ve ripped my skirt, which btw would make a scene. It was fun watching others compete as a team though! There were local brands as well selling their clothes at the event.
The performances on the CREATE Stage were by far my favorite part about the whole event because I love jumping and dancing like a mad woman, hah! The music throughout the whole night was fantastic! From local artistes DJ Ramsey Westwood and the amazing Paperplane Pursuit to internationally acclaimed The Sam Willows, the music kept everyone up in positive spirits to have fun and enjoy their time around great people. I was certainly up jumping and dancing! If you’re curious about how The Sam Willows’ performance was, I had a live video up at that time and if you missed it, head over to my Facebook (here) to watch the video.
Overall, CREATE event was so much fun with great company and meeting people from old friends to new friends. Through all the activities in the event, CREATE challenges us to think in an inspirational perspective, gathers group of new friends to engage in a new experience and stimulates our creativity. Think, inspire and experience, this is exactly what it’s all about! It was a great way to explore new things and network while partying at the same time. I had such a great time (and it has been awhile since I had so much fun partying!), which was much needed too.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next CREATE event! You can get more info and exclusive passes for the next event by registering at because I’m very sure it will be loads of fun too. To those who were there, I hope you guys had a great time partying! Till here, I hope you’re all well. Nx

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