Dust It

You know sometimes, there are opportunities that come your way and immediately you would say yes to as long as you're earning money even though it might not me the most rational decision? I'm that kind of person - greedy for money (or as we Malaysians like to say 'money face' or 'kiam siap'). Its a habit I have adopted since college, constantly saving money back then and now constantly wanting to take up extra jobs just to earn extra. To be frank, it is a very bad and unhealthy move. I tire myself out so much where even when I have off time I'm thinking about work. My boyfriend probably understands how stressful it can be dating someone like me. Another offer came along (I've yet to get more details) and immediately I thought 'Yes, another side job, more money!'. Horrible. I then calmed myself down to really think about it before making a decision which could potentially kill me before I turn 30 years old. 

Anyways, I just wanted to get it out there to those who think like me (or more like greedy like me), to just really think about it before taking up an extra job. Do you really need it? If you do, by all means go ahead. If you don't, save yourself from the stress. You don't need all that stress at such an early age. Slowly move up the ladder, be patient and work smart (and hard at times). You'll make it there someday. Okay, enough rambling, here are some new outfit pictures for you guys!
Top: Ruffled cropped top, Zara
Bottom: Striped culottes, Love and Bravery
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Thick platform creepers, Unbranded (Platinum Mall, Bangkok)
The top actually has really thick black straps but I decided to tuck it in and make it into a tube instead as I think it is more flattering on my body. The thick straps make my arms look really fat. Till here, I'll be back to rant again with new outfits. Hope you're all well! Nx


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