First of all, I would just like to apologise for the lack of update here on my blog. I've been working and recently I went on a trip with Malaysia Airlines to Borneo Jazz 2016 and to Mulu to explore the caves and experience mother nature. If you follow my Instagram you would see a couple of shots I shared of the caves I visited. It was such a wonderful experience and the best part was being able to explore and experience it with a group of really nice, fun people. Honestly, I was lost for words (well, not literally, I just kept on going OMG hahaha) when I was in the caves. Its a must visit, even if you're not an adventurous person like me. Anyway, that aside, I recently bought a new bell sleeved top which I've been really into lately. Here is how I styled it my monochromatic way.
Top: Bohemian bell sleeve top, Forever 21
Bottom: A-line mini skirt, Topshop
Shoes: Slip on sandals, Charles and Keith
Bag: Mini round sling bag,
This top is a very bohemian styled top which you would usually see at Coachella paired with nude coloured skirts and gladiator sandals or boots. That isn't really my style so I switched up with my black pieces for a monochromatic look. I gotta be honest tho, I did photoshop some bug bite marks off my leg which I got when visiting Miri/Mulu. Pretty sure they are sandfly bites but my goodness they look so gross and red. I have absolutely no clue on how to get rid of them. Till here, I will update again soon. Hope you're all well! Nx

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