Tie It Up

It feels like it has been forever since I've blogged! I've been so busy every since I've started working. I've got more on my hands than anyone thinks, trust me. I put myself in this position and now I've got to deal with it. Anyway, last weekend I got an invite for the Gurney Plaza Fashion Week and obviously, I am here to share my looks with you guys! Splitting up each outfit to each post as usual. Let me tell you something, when I got the invite I was thinking to myself 'Aiya, it's two weeks to go! No worries about what to wear la, sure can find'. Guess what, on the day of the event, I realised I had nothing to wear! During lunch time I went to the mall and started searching for clothes I could wear for the event, I was going mad! Thankfully I found really nice key pieces from Forever21!
Dress: Tied up front dress, Forever 21
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Monki
Shoes: Fabou platform heels, Jeffrey Campbell
I went for a more sultry look on the first day just because I felt like it. I honestly really like this dress but I wish it fit better. This was the smallest size they had and when I found out, I was like, screw it, I'm buying it or else I would have nothing to wear! Quite pleased with how I look really. I'm currently editing my 2nd day outfit photos and I just realised how dark the pictures are. Hopefully it turns out well after the editing. Until then, here is a picture of us (ma squad yo hahahah). Hope you're all well!

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