On the last day of Gurney Plaza Fashion Week, I decided to go with something more feminine and different. I don't know what but I quite like how this silky dress falls very simply and easy. Also, its nice to wear something different every now and then. Obviously I had to add on a touch of 'ncavien' (hahaha that sounds pretty lame) I added on one of my favourite dark lipstick to complete the whole look. Also, this dress wasn't expensive at all! It was super worth it.
Dress: Silky satin low back dress, Moris B
Shoes: Snakeskin strappy heels, Charles and Keith
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Monki
I'm looking forward to spending my day at Penang Fashion Week tomorrow and a day of fun with friends. The crazy shit is I will be changing 3 times for all 3 shows. Mad shit but I think its going to be fun. Till here, I hope you're all doing well! Nx

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