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I just made major change in my life. I took up an internship (not required by my University btw, it was a self made decision) just to occupy myself before I do my masters end of this year. Its a major change because I'm currently working in Petaling Jaya and its just... a massive change for me really. To some its not much but to me, especially being a big family girl who cooks for the family, its a huge impact not only on me but also my family. Anyway, I went through one week of it and it has been pretty good so far. So to all the KL peeps, I'm now based in KL and Penang. Hit me up! 
I will try to update as often as I can but I foresee myself only updating maybe once a week or so. It's a bit difficult to get my pictures taken before or after work because of the shitty lighting but none the less I will definitely try. I kinda want to share some of my outfits I wear to work with you guys.
Top: AA crop top, taobao.com
Bottom: Cupro relaxed joggers, Topshop
Shoes: Platform sandal heels, Edge via Zalora
Bag: Saffiano leather small satchel, DKNY
Oh and btw, its a really subtle change but I fixed my bushy eyebrows! The most amazing part is I did it myself! Hahahaha I am honestly so proud of myself. It's much neater now and I would say more aesthetic. I even learned how to fill them in nicely and now draw them on like crayons. Till here, I hope you're all well and having a good time with life. Always remember to stay positive! Nx 

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  1. These photos are beautiful, I love those trousers! Glad you fixed the eyebrows haha, I quite like mine bushy personally :) xx

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