Went out for a movie date the other day and decided to bring my inner dark style back. Went for a more edgy grunge look which includes a pretty old pair of hologram sunglasses I own. I bought my first hologram sunglasses when I was in London and have been in love with them ever since. Anyway, we went to watch Gods of Egypt and oh gosh... its not the best. I liked the plot and the acting but the graphics was difficult to watch. At certain parts I felt like I was watching a scene from Final Fantasy. Not good for a movie lol. Anyway, here's what I wore the other day.
Top: Bell sleeve cropped top, Haoduayi
Bottom: High waisted denim shorts, Topshop
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Glasses: Skull hologram sunglasses, taobao.com
Necklace: Heart choker, taobao.com
Shoes: Thick platform creepers, Unbranded (Platinum Mall, Bangkok)
I know this will make me sound so full of myself but dang my legs have been looking really good recently! Oh and big thanks to Kieran for taking pictures of me from a really good angle, making my legs look damn good hah. I quite frankly really like this outfit I pulled together. Till here, hope you're all doing well! Nx


  1. These photos are so sick (yep, your legs do look pretty amazing)! We also really like how you paired the top with the shorts as the flared arms add such a nice touch to your outfit :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. your style is perfect! x

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