Off The Rack

Its rare to find websites that help you find and compare different items from different online stores here in Malaysia. Honestly, I think having websites that help you find and compare different products from different online stores can be very useful in finding the perfect item to purchase for the price. Off The Rack is one of the websites and it caters to Malaysia, Singapore and UK. Some of the top trending brands in Malaysia includes Zalora (my holy grail online shopping site!), Fashion Valet, Marc Jacobs and many more! The best part is, the website doesn't only apply to women clothing but also for men and other things such as home decor! 
The other day I was on the website and checking out how it functions. They have a really good search filter that easily helps you find the product you're searching for. It makes life so much easier. Off The Rack also shows you the latest deals and discounts from all the online stores available on their website. You can easily compare, especially if its a particular brand, between two online stores to see if one of it has a discount. Its like, you don't have to be on two websites checking the prices, looking for a product, you can just do all on on website - Off The Rack!
One of my favourite thing about Off The Rack is that all the items they show you on the website are brands and online stores that actually ship to Malaysia. I always have a horrible time looking at international online stores and having to search and see if they ship to Malaysia. Another feature about this website is that it kinda works like a social site. You can follow your favourite brands to see what their latest products are and you can also follow other users. Its kinda like building up your own little inspiration board with the brands and people you follow.
Its not just a website, its a community. Like Instagram, you can share your outfits, comment and follow, but it solely is for fashion! Lets be honest, which fashion follower doesn't like OOTDs. Get inspired by the different looks that users share on Off The Rack and remember to hashtag #otrOOTD for a chance to be featured on their website! Head over to Off The Rack to find out more and explore their website! Till here, I will be back with an outfit post next! Hope you're all well and having a great start to the new year! Nx


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