Little Red

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Its that time of the year again where those who celebrate gather with their families to create memories and reminisce about the past memories of babies and children and older times. Then there is also the crazy amount of 'chor yat/chor yee' or 'chu ee/chu er' (whether you speak in Cantonese of Mandarin) OOTDs! So as usual, I do it every year, I post pictures of my outfits on the first day and also the dinner gathering. So here is what I wore on the first day. Never a fan of red but every now and then I make an exception. I gained quite a bit of weight so do excuse my out of shape body.
The top is a little bit more girlie but I decided pair it in a more edgy style with the creepers. Now creepers generally are not the most comfortable shoes but it is one of the easiest shoes to put on and take off (except you know, slippers and sandals) and this is important (seriously, I hate taking the time to put on my shoes) because we're going in and out different houses when visiting. 
Top: Aztec print off shoulder crop top,
Bottom: Front button skirt, H&M
Shoes: Red velvet creepers, Happy2u
Bag: Soft leather tote, Longchamp
My house is so noisy right now it is crazy! All the laughter and talking over each other.. only ever happens during Chinese New Year when the bigger part of the family pays a visit. I hope all of you who are celebrating Chinese New Year are having a great time with your loved ones. Happy Chinese New Year! Till here, hope you're all well! Nx

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  1. Looking great girl! Love your how your bronze cheek bones! 😍 happy Chinese New Year girl! 😘