Some people are like flowers... delicate, beautiful but often times easily crushed. Sometimes the road you take becomes difficult, you get lost, you don't know where to go and you're alone. However, you must remember to stay strong and stay firm with your beliefs because the road that lies ahead after this dark path will be bright if you continue to push yourself through the storm. Don't give up and don't give in. Don't make way for people who are not deserving, don't let negative people interfere with your journey. Keep the positive people around you always to motivate and support you. Don't let anyone bring you down. 

Anyway, that was just something I felt needed to be said hehe. Here is a simple outfit to share with you guys.
Eh look at that. I'm pretty proud of my leg muscles haha if only I could control my diet and shed the belly fat off! I'm such a horrible eater, I literally eat anything fatty that is delicious, no self control! Not good, not good. Tsk.
Top: Intricate lace sleeve top, Zara
Bottom: Denim shorts, Cotton On
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Black creepers, Unbranded (Platinum Mall, Bangkok)
Hoping to put up some new self portraits soon, so look out for that. Till here, remember to always surround yourself with good people and hope you're all well! Nx


  1. I love your top, babe! <3


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