Chinese Blues

Okay, this Chinese New Year has been far from blue... except for my top for our annual Chinese New Year dinner. I even got a somewhat similar matching top for Kieran to wear for the dinner. I thought we looked pretty cute together. Every Chinese New Year I look forward to dressing up for the dinner and there was one year where I decided to wear a cheongsam. Unfortunately that was also the year we decided to go to a restaurant that had their waitresses wear cheongsams as well. Needless to say, I fit in so well with the waitresses. Terribly sorry for the shitty quality photos. I tried my best to edit it but my editing skills are not good enough. I had to take this at night and didn't manage to take the photos at home because I was rushing. 

This year I was so thrilled that I manage to snag the last piece of this top in my size (it was on the mannequin and they had to remove it for me) at the Nasty Gal store in Promenade. I felt like I was walking into a super aesthetic closet it was insane. I wanted another chinese style top but it was way to revealing for my liking and was almost $40 more expensive, so I ended up with this! A simple Chinese top with a white wide leg pants for a more kung fu look hahaha. Added tasseled earrings for the chinese look!

Top: Jacquard core lace up top, Nasty Gal
Bottom: Kimbra wide leg pants, Love Bonito
Shoes: Platform sandal heels, Edge via Zalora
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Topshop
Earrings: Long blue tasseled earrings, H&M
Making it short, I'm still gambling and having loads of fun with my family celebrating Chinese New Year and I hope all of you too. Will update soon. Till here, I hope you're all well! Remember to exercise and stay healthy from all the junk food during this festive season. Nx


  1. I love your cheongsam top, babe! <3


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