Wedge Edge

I swear I come up with the most ridiculous and retarded post titles.
The best thing to do with dirty hair is braiding it or tying it up in a bun but since I look like an old aunty with a bun, I always braid it. I was too lazy to wash my hair and was rushing so I braided it instead. Wore this out for a dinner with Sam and the rest of the lovely people. Decided to go casual but yet again with a bit of edge. Whenever I'm going for a more casual look, I always go for shorts but instead of my usual fit flops or slippers (usually when I'm really lazy, that happens) I switch it up with a nice pair of shoes. 
If you follow me on Snapchat (@ncavien), you probably would have seen a few snaps of this shoe already. Happy2u sent me this super cool wedge sneakers and frankly, its really comfortable! What I really like about it is that it adds height, comfortable and really affordable. I know the shoes are sponsored but its only RM65. I've seen other online shops sell it for almost RM100 so I think for the quality of the shoe, its worth paying RM65 for. To see the other two pairs of shoes they sent me, follow my Instagram (@ncavien) as I will be posting up pictures of it there.
Top: Tall side split top, Topshop
Bottom: Denim shorts, Cotton On
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Sandblast high ankle sneakers, Happy2u
Anyway, I had a really good dinner last night with my friends and its been quite awhile since I've had a nice time out for dinner. Sometimes I feel really blessed to have such nice and lovely people in my life. Its like all the shit friendships I had to go through in the past was so worth it to have met better people who are more supportive and positive to be around. Its really important to surround yourself with people who matter and make a positive impact in your life. Well, till here! I hope you're all well! Nx