Goodbye, 2015

The year 2015 is ending in two days... It's crazy to even remind myself that I completed my degree course just a week ago. I know almost everyone does this, you know, the whole 'my year in a recap' kinda thing. I did that last year I think? Or maybe a few years back? This year I thought I should do something different and share only the opportunities and experience that came along in 2015. Every year we learn something new, may it be in studies or work, or even in life experiences - every year will be different. There will be different situations, different ups and downs. This year was especially exciting for me. I learned so much and I had the most opportunity to do so many things.

This year, I had a big leap in my blog opportunities. I was invited to more events than I had the previous, I had more sponsored/advertorials and I met so many people along the way. It was such a great experience to meet so many different people and to socialise. It opened different doors for me that helped motivate me to keep this blog going, and also my Instagram alive because really, who doesn't really like Instagram if you're into fashion? I have a handful of people to thank for this opportunities. It was truly wonderful to know my blog is making progress!
Another thing that was a big opportunity was being selected to go for a talent convention in LA. There is a lot of backstory to this that made me regret my decision to go to LA at one point but I'm looking forward to it and hoping to do my best, making the best out of the whole thing. I'm one step closer to doing something I am truly passionate about. I'm so excited for the experience, exposure and lessons I will learn from this convention. This month, I got cast in my first online commercial. Nothing major but it was definitely one big step for me! I auditioned for the role and got it! I did it! I faced my fears really. I buckled up and did so many things I was afraid of. One of it was being the host for the International Student Conference at KDU. It was such a great experience but my God... I got over my stage fright. I did a pretty decent job for someone who was doing it for the first time. 
Towards the end of the year I managed to get some important photos taken for the talent convention by Mackidbill who is amazing (the first photo of this post!). It was eye opening really, to have a professional take photos of me haha. Then, I did another photoshoot with Yi Lin, whom Claire introduced me to and my goodness were the photos amazing. Looking at the photos and going through this whole experience has made me feel so much more confident about myself and just, loving myself more. This whole year was so much about being confident with who I am and I believe I'm embracing me as much as possible. 
The best part of this year? Hands down, finishing my degree course knowing I did my best. I'm nervous about the results that will be released next year but it feels so good to have completed it. I learned so much from my lecturers who were truly amazing. I had amazing friends to go through the difficult times with me and enjoyed so many moments with them along the way. This year, without  doubt, has been the most exciting year I have ever had. I had my amazing boyfriend to pull through with me and the endless support from my family. 
So, here'e a list of things I learned in 2015, which I shared onto my Facebook earlier.
  1. Opportunities will come, take it and don't regret it. Make the best out of it and give it your all. These opportunities won't come again anytime soon. Do it before its too late.
  2. You may grow older and you may not be close to your friends from school anymore but you will find friends who understand you better. Those friends are the people you need to keep close to you.
  3. Always give it your all no matter what you do. If it's your dream or passion, do it with all your heart. If its work or studies, do it with all your hard work and the best you can. The outcome will be satisfying even if you don't win or get anything out of it immediately.
  4. Remember to cherish the people close to you. They are not easy to come by. Don't take them for granted.
 This year is definitely one to remember. I'm looking forward to 2016, as I'll be starting it with a bang at LA. Until here, this will be my last post for 2015. All of you, my readers and followers, have been amazing as you're part of the reason why my blog is growing. I hope all of you are well and may 2016 be a good year ahead! 


  1. Definitely a fruitful year. Congratulations.

  2. Where did you bought the white top from ? �� have a great year ahead !!! You rock ��