Black Lace

Another one married in the family! During the weekend I attended my cousin's wedding and wore this simple ensemble which I stayed true to. When I was buying the dress I was actually wearing a very dark coloured lipstick, which I think really suits the dress and my style. Some may think oh, you shouldn't be wearing such a dark lipstick colour to a wedding but the heck with it, my family still loves me for me haha. Weddings are one of the most beautiful events really. You see two people who are so in love, come together and becoming one. It's one of those moments where they are able to share something so personal with everyone the care without being too personal. If that even makes any sense? It was so lovely to see the couple sharing intimate moments during the wedding. Anyway, here are some pictures of what I wore to the luncheon.
Dress: Maxi black lace dress, Bibis
Shoes: Tortoise shell heels, Zalora
Bag: Faux fur clutch, Aldo
I'm currently rushing assignments so you won't be hearing from me anytime soon on my blog. For daily updates you can follow my Snapchat @ncavien or follow my Instagram for regular pretty updates @ncavien. I have a lot to deal with right now its really crazy. Hopefully I can get through it well and do my best is everything. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx


  1. I love your dress, babe <3


  2. May I know where did u got ur shoulder off top in ur Insta pic 1week ago