...and the final semester starts. Honestly, I'm not prepared for whats to come this semester. I had my first class today (the most difficult subject) and my shoulders already feel so heavy (not literally, but you know what I mean).  Then, on the second day, I already got annoyed and had not so great day. In two days I manage to feel crappy. This is what degree classes can do to you. People think just because it isn't a science or art course its going to be easy. It sure as hell isn't. Trust me. The one thing that is different about this semester is that I'm starting the semester with more motivation that ever to do the very best I can and hopefully get the results I want. Then hopefully I can finally go overseas to further my studies and *prays* that I can actually secure a job there, wherever I go. So far my results have been up to par but I just hope with a little extra push I might do better than I hope to. Anyway, here's my outfit for the first day of the new semester!
Dress: Loose fit basic dress, Topshop
Outer: Knitted cardigan, Yessica
Shoes: Thick platform creepers, Unbranded
Bag: Quilted rucksack backpack, Zara
So on the first day of the final semester, I started using SnapChat. Frankly I hate the interface. It's confusing and not that user friendly. I'm starting to get the hang of it so if you want to follow me, follow me @ncavien and you can then view my boring life. Literally. Till here, I hope I'll be able to update often. Hope you're all well!