Matte About Manga

The other day I received an adorable package from L'Oréal Paris, Malaysia. Unboxing was fun as the the first thing I saw apart from the glittery pink foil paper was this huge manga-eyed soft toy! In the box was also a cute tiny jar of pink jelly beans which, frankly, taste pretty damn good. Anyway, L'Oréal Paris recently released their latest waterproof mascara - False Lash Miss Manga - that extends your lashes to make it look, well, anime-like.
Along with the False Lash Miss Manga was two other products to add on for a manga styled look was the Mat Magique BB Veil Poreless Matte Finishing Powder and the Mat Magique BB Essence. Before we get into how the products work and what I think of them, can we just take the time to appreciate the adorable packaging? Other than black, my other favourite colour is pink. I know packaging isn't important but I love product packages that are aesthetic. I really like how it is all simple but with added sass. Pretty cute in my opinion. 

False Lash Miss Manga - RM39.90
I've never really been a fan of L'Oréal Paris mascaras but this is clearly an exception. First of all, I really love waterproof mascaras even though they can be a pain in the arse to remove sometimes but for me, having slightly shorter and less dense eyelashes, waterproof mascaras really help hold the lashes curled all day long. So the other day I gave it a go, had the mascara on all day and I'm impressed! It really holds the curl and also the brush's conical shape helps ease application on both the top and lower lashes. It really gives your lashes more drama so that you don't always have to put on falsies when using this mascara. One to keep! 
Mat Magique BB Essence - RM39.90
Now I don't own anything with the term BB on it because I always prefer to just use separate products and never really found one that I actually quite like. Right, so this BB Essence is something different. We've all heard of BB creams and powders but this BB essence is basically a cream formula that is much lighter and has a more watery feel to create a fresh feel when you apply it. So when I tried it, the texture felt good on my skin as I applied it and also looked good. It covered the pores pretty well and had a nice matte finish. However, if you have dry skin, this product might not suit you as the matte texture might dry out your skin even more. Overall it is a really good product for most skin types. Definitely recommend this one for a lighter feel as some creams can make your face feel so heavy.
Mat Magique BB Veil Poreless Matte Finishing Powder - RM33.90
Infused with volcanic perlite minerals, a natural yet powerful sebum absorbent, this finishing powder helps create a poreless-looking skin. I tried this on the other day and I quite like how it sits on my skin and makes my skin look more flawless. Now if you're going to use this, make sure you use a normal foundation or if you prefer just concealer to not dry out your skin. I tried this powder on top of just concealer as I hardly put on foundation on normal days and I like it. Its a good finish and it lasts up to 12 hours without looking flaky. A good product for most skin types in my opinion.
Chitty-chatty aside, I blabber a bit too much but you can get these products at your local drugstore (Watsons, Guardian, etc.). Both BB products has SPF to protect your skin as well. If you're gonna purchase these products and create a look with it, make sure you hashtag #matteaboutmanga and @lorealparismy on Instagram. For more on the manga styled collection, head over to Till here, I hope you're all well!


  1. These products look so pretty, I haven't seen these in stores!

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

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