Yesterday I went to LAD Salon to get my hair coloured. Originally, I wanted to do an ombre-grey colour but turns out my hair is way too stubborn. Two years back I dyed my hair a really dark purple to cover up my horrible DIY dip dye, so now the bottom part of the grown dark purple (which was more like black) hair was too difficult to dye over because if they bleached my hair any further, it would look dead. So to save my hair, there was less bleach. In the end, my hair turned out a brown-ashy colour and honestly, I really like it. It's something different, nothing too drastic, I didn't have to cut my hair but it made a difference... and I like it!
Teddy from LAD Salon actually helped me curl my hair after my dye was complete but because it was late at night, I didn't manage to take photographs of my hair so I slept in the curls and well, the next morning it looked pretty crappy. I tried to curl it again slightly but I'm really not good at it. Lun was the one who did this amazing dye job on my hair. I did not expect it to turn out looking like this considering it wasn't my choice of colour but it looks good (in my opinion at least). It's just the right amount of highlight and lighter ends.
Sponsorship aside, I would definitely recommend going to LAD Salon and getting your hair dyed by Lun. I believe he has good skills and knows where is the limit before damaging your hair. Right now, I'm feeling fresh (and quite new actually!) with this lighter coloured hair and when the time comes, maybe I'll go back to black. Just maybe. Also, there is a promotion going on this month for the Shiseido Professional Luminoforce hair treatment at LAD Salon where you can quote 'LAD4nicolecheah' for a better price of the treatment (RM288 for short hair, RM388 for long hair) which is only applicable for the first 10 customers who uses this code. So make your appointment for the hair treatment if you have dyed hair to help nourish your hair from the dye. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

No. 221C, Jalan Burma, 10050, 
Georgetown, Penang.
+60 4-229 9099


  1. Your hair looks so beautiful !

  2. Ahh so in love with this color! if I ever grow out my hair again, I definitely want to do something like this.

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