Fathers day is coming up this weekend so I decided to go out and get some stuff. Bought a present for dad and also a few stuff including a hair curler, like finally! I have had a hair straightener since I was 15 (the super straight hair trend phase) but I could never really figure out how to use it to also curl my hair so I bought a curler instead. I was very tempted to buy the magic curler where the thing literally sucks in your hair and curls it but I went with the traditional one. Anyway, heres a quick outfit post wearing a super comfortable and versatile halter top.
Top: Halter neck layered top, Zara
Shorts: Denim shorts, Cotton On
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Black platform sandals, taobao.com
Personally I think this is a perfect summer outfit, casual, comfortable and sassy when paired with a dark lipstick. Until here, my life has been pretty boring but there are a few happening stuffs coming up so till here, I hope you're all well! Nx


  1. Love this look! The location is amazing. And that halter top is gorgeous. Love the flow of it

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  2. This is definitely the perfect summer outfit, can never go wrong with basics!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. love your halter top


  4. Looking gorgeous. Now I'm thinking about my body shape to wear this.

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