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I just got back from Singapore a day ago and I had a splendid time spending the holiday with my boyfriend and being around people who were so lovely that made my holiday a great experience. I think I spent just the right amount of time in Singapore to keep me sane. I'm going to be travelling again this week to Chiang Mai with my family. Rather tired but am quite excited to go to Chiang Mai as it is going to be my first time there. I decided to update my blog before I leave for Chiang Mai but I won't be blogging about my trip to Singapore as I didn't take much photos - just wanted to enjoy every moment as it it. I will most probably be blogging about my trip to Chiang Mai so stay tuned for that! I was quite disappointed at the range available in Singapore. I was expecting a better and bigger range of products from different brands but it turned out to be very much similar to the range available in KL. I did get a few items from Singapore along with some items I recently bought here in Penang. My favourite at the moment has got to be the faux fur ankle strap heels from Charles & Keith. It's currently unavailable in Malaysia and I'm not too sure if they will bring it in but whoa, I love the shoe. The earrings came along with the choker as it was a buy 1 free 1 promotion. Honestly, other than the heels, the other items were meh
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Faux fur ankle strap heels, Charles & Keith
Strap cord sandals, Mango
Aztec print crop top, Topshop
Black velvet drop choker, Topshop
Silver hoop earrings, Topshop
Pendent choker, Lovisa
Oh I did buy a cute itsy bitsy tiny little Elmo soft toy from USS that I just love squeezing, thats another thing from Singapore I really like. Other than that, the shopping experience in Singapore was not as good as I hoped for it to be (P.S - I did go to Orchard Road. Didn't go to Bugis coz I didn't enjoy it the last time). Maybe I just didn't visit the right places. Overall I had a splendid time at Singapore and was definitely one to remember. Till here, I will blog when I am back from Chiang Mai. Hope you're all well! Nx


  1. I wish I could be travelling right now, I love all the pieces shown in this post!

    Infinity Of Fashion// Lucy Jane

  2. These lace up sandals are perfect!

  3. Love your sandales.

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