Insta // Apr 15'

Another month has passed and we're all inching closer to the mid of 2015. Everything has been well and good for me so far except now, I'm awfully sick. Vomiting and getting caught with the horrendous tummy aches are probably one of my biggest enemies. Anyway, it's time for another Instagram recap. I realised I didn't post much in April but here are what I posted.
Assignments, assignments, assignments. I was going through so much stress finishing up my assignments. So glad I have handed in all my reports.
Cute snap of my skirt and cardigan of my outfit as seen here.
All the make up I used for my seminar presentation. I have been loving the NYX tinted moisturiser I bought from Sephora. Just the right amount of coverage for a very natural look if you want to go out without makeup but still don't want to look fresh. You can get Sephora items from Zalora if you do not have a store near your, and you can use the code ZBAPKK4 for a 15% discount!
Outfit I wore to my neighbour's kids birthday party. Very simple, casual and comfortable.
Caffeine to keep me awake and focus on assignments. I'm not kidding when I say I have probably only 30% focus when doing assignments.
A meal I had at El Faro. Lovely food but not a lovely price.
New slides to add on to my ridiculous shoe collection thanks to my obsession with shoes and compulsive shopping. I do really like these slides though.
I'm feeling so weak at the moment but thank goodness the vomiting has stopped. Probably gonna do some online shopping now... and it is probably gonna be makeup... which I probably will not fully utilise... but I'm still gonna get it anyway because I'm a compulsive shopper. Anyway, I hope you guys are all healthy and well, till here, will be posting up an outfit post soon! Nx


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    Enclothed Cognition

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