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 photo DSC_0446u.jpg Oh look, I'm wearing jeans! Like, hey, I'm wearing pants! Seriously though, I've been getting into wear this 'long pants phase' at the moment. I'm an island girl who lives in an all year round summer country and it is very rare, and I mean really rare, for me to even purchase pants. Its always either short skirts and shorts for me but I'm kinda liking this small change. This is my only pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and I really like the fit of it. Paired it with this lovely and super comfortable heels to again, try to take away the stumpiness of my short legs. Oh by the way, sorry for the constant hand-in-hair shots, the wind was blowing my hair like mad.

Right, I wore this when I was out with Claire, my awesome-possum bestie who came back to Penang. It was nice to spend time with her and just catch up and talk about nonsense like the possibility of asking Snape or Lucius Malfoy to donate hair to Voldemort. Who even talks about rubbish like that?! It has been so long since we hung out together and of course with Kieran as well which adds on to all the nonsense. Its really nice when you find someone you can really talk to, emotional and retarded conversations.

Top: Ribbed crop top, Zalora
Bottom: Ripped boyfriend jeans, Forever 21
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Platform sandal heels, Edge via Zalora

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Here is a mandatory shot of us both (below)! Selfies can be seen on my Instagram. Anyways, in two days I'll finally be going on my first holiday with Kieran.Personally, I think if we went on a holiday alone when we first started dating, it would be horrible because what if we spent all the money and ended up not being together after the holiday? What if we didn't know about each other's annoying habits that might annoy each other? All the possibilities of it being a crappy one was high and I didn't like that idea. Also because after 3 years, you know what your partner is really like and you know that you're in love (for real) which makes the holiday way better. I'm really looking forward to spending nice quality, alone time with him outside of Penang. I have to go dig out my luggage and try to do some packing now, so till here, you'll hear from me after my holiday! Follow my Instagram @ncavien to keep up with my little Avien Adventures (hahahaha how lame can I even get?! I need to hashtag that) to Singapore. Oh, I'm also going for a family holiday right after I come back from Singapore so there will be loads to see on my Instagram and also on my blog. So stay tuned and I hope you're all well! Nx
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  1. love the look, what a joyful picture of you and your friends. great to meet up with malaysian here ! hey !

  2. I like the simplicity of this look! And these jeans are awesome!

  3. Love those jeans. I'm so into the whole boyfriend jean look right now, slouchy and comfortable.


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  4. Love this outfit! Everything is perfect from the crop top down to those sandals <3

    Enclothed Cognition

  5. Just found out about your blog and I'm already your new follower now! Love your style and your photos are all look so good!

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