Olive never really was my kind of colour, never really thought I would like it but I've been stocking up on quite a number of olive/moss green coloured clothing recently. Anyways, I thought I would switch things up a little and try out a different way of arranging the layout of my post. Its different and it takes time to adjust but so far, I think I quite like it. I guess it can get a tad bit lengthy but maybe I'll switch it up to this arrangement every now and then. Also, I don't always edit my pictures with graphics but I thought I would give a go. It's something different but questionable on whether I should keep on editing my pictures like this because it kinda looks a bit too messy.

I've been caught up on assignments (like as if I've not been mentioning about assignments in every other post) and its stressing me out. Its the weekends and I've be lazing around making no progress whatsoever with my assignments. Not good. I have a presentation next week and I'm far from prepared. I hope I do well and so does my classmates, presentation assignments are one of the worst. I have quite a bit to catch on and a couple of assignments to hand in. Final year is crucial and the stress is slowly creeping in and taking over my mind. Not good either. Not good.
I just had a random feeling of wanting to wear heels the other day. I hardly ever go out shopping in heels because I'm not used to wearing heels and they tend to hurt for shopping. However, wedge heels are different. Whoever invented the wedge heel, bless you, it has saved thousands of women out there from painful, aching feet. These heels are probably my most comfortable heels I have bought. Easy to walk in and very comfortable. Honestly I don't even know what look I was even going for - I just wanted to wear my skirt because it was new and heels. I believe the skirt is still available in Penang but most probably sold out in the smaller sizes internationally and the price has probably been marked down under the sale section.
When I bought the skirt, it was kind of a compulsive buy. At that time I didn't think I really liked it that much, I just wanted it. Its simple, with a really cool quilted texture to it and a lovely olive green colour. Right now I really like it, the zipper especially, I think it looks rad. Initially I wanted to put on heavier makeup with dark lipstick but decided not to because my skin complexion recently was been horrible. Pimples are popping out of nowhere and my skin has been terribly uneven which is why I decided not to.

Anyway, this outfit was just a really simple pairing, minimal and casual as usual, oh and also comfortable. Comfort is important. I don't think I will update anytime soon so do bare with me until the end of this month. Oh, I'm also going on a holiday to Singapore again in May but this time with Kieran. I'm just really excited because all has been booked an ready. Until here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Top: AA sleeveless crop top, taobao.com
Bottom: Quilted zip front skirt, Topshop
Outer: Knitted cardigan, Yessica
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Strappy wedge heels, PayLess


  1. Love how you play with the graphics, adds a new level of creativity <3


  2. love the wedges, i am not a fan of stilettos (don't know how to spell this)...you look great and olive matches your skin tone so go for it!As for the stress,don't let it get to you, don't let yourself think it's final year. think of it as a normal year and you'll be fine!


  3. I love your effortless style :D
    It looks like you got up and just trew something on and it looks fabulous!