ncavien x Luxola // Mario Badescu

Now, I'm no beauty fanatic thats for sure and I never really cared much for my skin until recently where I have been having some bad breakouts from stress and an uneven skin complexion. I really couldn't find anything that suits my skin type or really, just fixes the problem with my complexion. Recently Luxola sent me two facial products from Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu Skin Care is one of the most well known  skin care products that is suitable for troubled skin such acne prone skin and also aging skin. Mario Badescu products is probably one of the go to skin care products for any skin related issues, suitable for people who are looking for better, healthier and a more radiant complexion. I didn't know much about the Mario Badescu brand until once I saw it feature in  one of HeyClaire's favourites video and was definitely drawn to it. The photo above was taken after I've tried out the products for about 5days, did the mask twice and the lotion every night before I went to bed. (I'm not wearing any makeup in the photo, no photoshopping of blemishes either!)

The product sent to me was the Whitening Mask and the Buffering Lotion. The application is simple really, for the mask, just apply a thin layer and let it dry out for 10 minutes before washing it off. The lotion is meant to be applied on blemishes and it helps remove the redness on the blemish. Obviously, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't see immediate effect but my face did feel much cleaner after the first time applying the mask and lotion. After 5 days of using the products, I must say I really did see improvements that I didn't expect. The blemishes on my face now has less redness and my complexion seems clearer now.

Honestly, I'm really pleased with the results so far and I believe that the result will improve as time goes on. I definitely recommend these product if you suffer from annoying skin problems, there are many of the Mario Badescu products available on Luxola. To those of you who have not shopped on Luxola before, go shop! They've got plenty to offer, all sorts of beauty and skin care items from so many different brands. Use the discount code BLX-NCAVIEN when you checkout for 15% off your purchase. Head over to Luxola to shop for your Mario Badescu product and many other products for you to choose from. Till here, I hope you guys find the right products from Luxola to add on to your beauty and skin care pile. They ship internationally so, happy shopping lovelies. Hope you're all well! Nx


  1. Wow! Nicole, your skin looks FLAWLESS!Amazing products they have and you're so lucky to have tried and used them!looking forward to more...

  2. wow - you've got the ultimate face!

    heartbeats, Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND