ncavien x L'Oreal Paris MY // HydraFresh

The other day I received a very lovely package from L'Oréal Paris Malaysia, all nicely packed in a cute silver box with an adorable pink ribbon that matches the colour scheme of the Hydra Fresh collection. I was really really excited to try it out and actually, I immediately did (guilty). The Hydra Fresh collection includes the latest product, Night Mask-In Jelly. Hydra Fresh is perfect for dry skin, even normal skin as well that easily and almost immediately hydrates your skin. When I tried out the product, the cleanser really shocked me as it made my skin feel extremely clean and seems really suitable for my skin as well. The toner made my skin feel much fresher (its weird, I don't even know how to explain) while the moisturiser and mask set just nicely with a nice jelly texture to the mask. 

Personally, I feel if you have really dry or ageing skin, the moisturiser and mask would be perfect. If you have a more neutral skin or oily skin, it may not be as suitable. I think the cleanser and toner would be great on any skin type. Overall the Hydra Fresh collection makes my skin bouncier (if that makes sense) and much more hydrated. For best effects, get the entire set for better looking and feeling skin. All you need to do is just cleanse, apply toner, moisturise and apply the mask to hydrate your skin. Thanks again L'Oréal Paris Malaysia for sending me this box of goodies! Definitely using the cleanser and toner on a daily basis. Go get yourself a product from the Hydra Fresh collection now for a great and intense hydration for your skin. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

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