Little Black

One more assignment to go and I am ready for semester break! Well, technically I've still got work to do during the semester break for my final semester but you know, I get to relax a little bit. Anyway, just thought I should update my blog with a quick outfit post and rant about nonsensical things because, why not? Right now, I am writing parts of my last assignment and every two (or even one, actually) sentence I take about 5 minutes to scroll Tumblr or Reddit or writing parts of this post, just casually wasting my time.

It has been more than an hour that I have been doing this and really, I'm not progressing far (obviously). I have been slacking ever since I finished the most heavy assignment which isn't good. Well, its no surprise that I'm wearing so much black in this outfit. It was a nice, gloomy and windy day so I took the chance to wear my floppy hat. It was also a weekday where there are less people to judge me for wearing my hat around the mall. Personally I thought I look like a little like a non-scary witch, which is something I actually like. Oh, at this point of the post, it has been half a day of going back and forth from assignment to blog post to Reddit to Tumblr. I honestly don't know how I got through last year. I'm becoming lazier each day and not to mention fat as well. I gained all the weight I lost. So frustrating.
I started writing this at about 3PM and now its 10PM and I just finished watching Asia's Got Talent. While we're on that note, I thought this week's line up was really weak and next week's line up is way too strong. So proud to know that Sada Borneo has made it to the semi-finals (Malaysia Boleh!). Honestly I've been hooked to that show. It has such a great diversity of talents from all across Asia and it is especially great when they showcase their local music or dance. I personally love the show and if you're from Asia and you have not seen it, go watch it! You'll feel so proud when your local act performs something amazing. Anyway I'm looking forward to finishing up my last assignment and doing some little touch ups before handing it in so that I can start working out like a mad woman again. Well, I hope you guys are all well so till here! Nx

Dress: Basic bodycon sleeve dress, Zalora
Bag: Mini boxy bag, Zalora
Shoes: Thick black platform creepers, Unbranded
Hat: Black floppy hat, H&M

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  1. I've been reading your blog girl! And yes I'm that girl that spoke to you about the hydra fresh! Will keep reading and all the best :)

  2. You look great! Really like the dress and the shoes are soo cool <3
    xx Ama