Insta // Mar 15'

Its deadline month for me. Assignments have to be well completed by the end of the month and I'm pretty much stressing out. I've been making rather good progress recently, feeling very productive but that really doesn't mean I've done my work all well enough. Anyways, heres a quick Instagram recap.
Taken after the Exotic Pets Carnival 2015 with Darrel, Laureen and Kieran. A very tiring long day that was all well worth it. Had plenty of fun and experience.
Flatlay featuring my new Zalora tortoise shell heels. Collected my parcel when I was awfully sick. This photo got reposted by @zaloramy and @thezaloralabel which was lovely
Just a random mirror selfie at a H&M store, wearing a cute lil' sundress style tube dress after I recovered from what felt like a month long of being sick.
Multitasking - tried to keep myself awake by reading Elle UK while in between doing assignments. Sia's album is fantastic, it was all kinds of greatness. Her latest music video with Maddie, Big Girls Cry, was again, brilliant. Do check it on YouTube.
Random shot taken by one of my juniors. I don't usually post pictures of us because I never really saw the point of posting a photo with my boyfriend along with some diabetic sweet caption. I just thought this photo sums up what our relationship is like - full of joy, jokes and love. 
Bitch alert. Decided to put on red lipstick for a change and well, why not take bitch face selfie right? I thought I look much older and less like a 14 year old with red lipstick.
My rack of clothes I laid out for Gurney Plaza Fashion Week which I ended up changing the floral dress for another black cape dress. You can check out my Gurney Plaza Fashion Week posts here, here and here.
Taken on the second day of Gurney Plaza Fashion Week, the runway. I really liked the sleek shiny runway platforms but I thought it would be slightly better if they had switched it up a lil bit instead of having the same runway for all 3 days. It was chic nonetheless.
With Cheryl and Laureen after the Duchess & Co show. It was nice seeing Cheryl again.
With Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 winner, Sheen Liam. I went insane when I saw her. You see a better quality version of this photo on my final day post here.
Until here, its back to assignments. For more frequent updates, do follow me on Instagram @ncavien. Hope you're all well! Nx

Big Girls Cry - Sia


  1. great photos, I love your IG!
    Emma xx

  2. omg your wardrobe must be really big