It's not often I wear a bright solid coloured piece of clothing. I bought these shorts a long time ago but never really thought of wearing (impulsive shopping). It was just a sudden thought that I should probably wear the shorts. Its really comfortable and airy. I love airy clothing, they make the weather more bearable. Oh, and I also accessorised! Now how often do I do that, almost close to never. 
Top: Plain black tee, Mango
Bottom: Red lace runner shorts, Something Borrowed via Zalora
Bag: Transparent grid bag, y_create on Instagram
Shoes: Black platform sandals,
Necklace: Chunky statement necklace, MC Show
You can always used the voucher code ZBAPKK4 when you checkout on Zalora if you are a new users for 15% off your first purchase! I personally love Zalora and their products. Anyways, till here, I hope you're all well and staying hydrated during this horrid, humid weather. Nx

Walk Away - Christina Aguilera


  1. Love the bright red with all the black. And that bag is super cute <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. hello nicole, the bag is nice! I couldn't find the name at instagram ya :(