Gurney Plaza Fashion Week - Day 1

Hello beautiful people! Last weekend was a hectic but really fun weekend for me. I received invites to attend the Gurney Plaza Fashion Week 2015 and was delighted to go. I've never been to fashion shows before let alone a proper fashion show. This was my first time attending a fashion week and honestly, it was much better than I had anticipated. I'll separate each post for each day.
One piece: Black tube top jumpsuit, Topshop
Bag: Marble printed clutch, Charles & Keith
Shoes: Fabou platform heels, Jeffrey Campbell
Being the forgetful fool I am, as I was rushing out of the house, I left my camera at home. I was very frustrated as I wasn't able to take proper photos and had to use Laureen's camera, which I clearly didn't know how to function properly and so the pictures turned out horrible. I did however bring my camera to the other shows so I promise the next post will have better photos.

I really liked the collection showcased and really did enjoy myself. The embellished dresses were my favourite from Miss Selfridge. Personally, I thought the styling was right and suitable for each collection. Miss Selfridge still takes the cherry on top for me. I will update about the second day tomorrow with 10x better quality photos. Till here, I hope you're all well. Nx


  1. You look great! I wonder, how does one get invites to this kind of thing? Sure would be fun to go

  2. Oh yeah and love the jumpsuit!

  3. That jumpsuit looks amazing on you! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  4. all these outfits look good!

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  6. Beautiful and nice collection! especially I loves the black dress its looking style and fashionable.

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