Marks & Spencer Official Launch

Marks and Spencer holds a tiny part of my childhood food life. When I was much younger, one of the only Marks and Spencer available in Malaysia was the one in KLCC and whenever we do get to visit, we will shop at their food section but because it was pretty costly, we could only purchase a few and I would really enjoy the stuff (usually biscuits, biscuits are yummy!) and slowly savour it. I was delighted when I received an invite to attend the official launching of their latest store in Gurney Plaza, Penang. 
When I found out Elaine Daly was hosting the event, in my heart I was screaming. I may not be a huge fan but she certainly is someone I look up to and it was so great to have met her. It was pretty much the highlight of my day, meeting her. A very lovely lady.
It was a good fashion show, professionally done with professional models. I certainly enjoyed it and how cute is that bag?! It was well done and well styled.
With Laureen. A shot of us that I really like. (We look like we are glowing hehe)
With Bruce Findlay, M&S regional director of Asia and Paul Rennie, British deputy high commissioner. They were absolutely friendly and it was a pleasure conversing with them. It's always great to have another British store to open in Penang. I love almost anything British quite frankly haha. It was a good event, a good morning spent. Had fun and also bought a pretty cool simple belt. Also, did I mention this happened this morning?? Yeah, I'm pretty quick at blogging aren't I? Hah, anyways, till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

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