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The semester started this week and so far, I've been looking pretty good. No bum/slop outfit to classes which I guess is a pretty good change from last year. However, I can foresee myself dressing like a slop towards the end of the semester when the assignment stress kicks in. Anyway, being the compulsive shopper that I am, I bought a few items from Zalora again and this dress is one of the items. When it first arrived I was pretty stoked about the dress. I really love the way the sheer panels were done. I think its pretty cool and unique.
Dress: Sheer panelled varsity kimono shift dress, Zalora
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Thick black platform creepers, Unbranded (Platinum Mall, Bangkok)
I've never been fond of shift dresses because I think they make my frame look much bigger but I really like this dress. I'm pretty stressed out at the moment with some issues regarding an event but I hope all goes well and everyone is happy. Anyways, don't forget you can use the voucher code ZBAPPK4 when you shop on Zalora!* Till here, hope you're all doing well! Nx
*T&C apply. Valid for new users only and once used, available up to 60days for usage.


  1. The dress looks great on your figure!

    xx E∆

  2. That dress is screaming sexy! :) You're so pretty!

    Janine | Lime & Life

  3. Hi may I know what's the size of the dress? Is it XS?

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