Black Mesh

It's midnight and I'm having trouble falling asleep so I thought why not take the time to blog. I usually sleep early but I think I've got a little too much on mind tonight. I just got back from my holiday in Bali a day ago. An enjoyable, relaxing holiday really. I didn't take much photos as I was expecting myself to mainly because I was so calm and relaxed I really didn't wanna do anything. It was my 3rd time in Bali so there really isn't a big hoo ha to talk about. Before Bali I went out to meet a close friend of mine, Claire in KL and another blogger, Anne, who I've known and communicated with through social media. All was well and it was just a pleasant day in general.
Top: Black AA sleeveless crop top,
Bottom:  Black mesh shorts,
Shoes: Black open toe with ankle strap sandals, Zerra Culture
I think I'm becoming a taobao shopaholic. Not only are the items ridiculously cheap, the usually turn out in pretty good quality. This shorts differs from the rest though, as its inner lining is slightly off. Oh, I also recently bought two heels from Zalora and am running out of space to keep my shoes (help me, I'm a shoe addict!). I should probably go back to bed and try to sleep, then wake up early and fresh to finish up my assignment. One more to go and I'll be done with my semester. Hopefully all is well on your end. Till here, Nx.


  1. That shorts are fab, need to check out

  2. Hey how do you buy from Taobao ? :)

    1. I order my items through an agent called Buy2TaoBao :)

  3. I was looking for this shorts on taobao as well but i couldn't find them!