Mild 90's

There are days when I dress a little bit more clean cut, days where I dress like a hobo and days like this where I dress like I'm 16. It's like different days I dress according to my mood which I guess make it a tad bit unpredictable about what I'm going to wear. It was raining, which really wasn't the smartest choice to wear this outfit. Had my outer on all the time. I thought this look felt very 90's chick event though it's pretty mild. The skirt was much shorter at the back (which is never good) because my arse was pushing the skirt up. *big butt problems* It's ridiculous though because my butt really isn't big at all but it made me so self conscious grrr. 
Top: Black halter cropped top, Forever 21
Bottom: White AA tennis skirt,
Bag: Pink translucent hologram round bag, Riya (Instagram: @y_create)
Shoes: Black JuJu Jelly sandalsdresscode_00 (Instagram)
Sorry for the sloppy edits. I need to start taking better photos and more outdoor shots. My camera lens recently died on me so all the colour from my photos seem to turn out weird on every shot. Anyways, I bought this bag when I was in Bangkok recently and frankly I really like it. Thanks to Laureen for getting me the tiny bleeding head! Well, hopefully the next post would have better edited photos. Trying to figure some photo uploading issues as well, photobucket seems to be making my photos super pixelated. Oh well, till here, hope all is well for you guys Nx.


  1. Such a cute outfit! That skirt is so sweet - I feel you on the big butt problems, mine seems to take over any outfit I wear! xo

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

  2. I love this look! VERY reminiscent of the 90's sooo good