Cloth x ncavien

The past year I've focused a lot on fashion and have found inspiration in a lot of street style and personal style. Instagram has always been my go to app for instant inspiration but then an amazing app came along: Cloth
Cloth is a kinda like Instagram but better (well to fashion lovers at least). There are so many inspiring fashionistas from around the world sharing their looks. The best part? You get to search for looks based on the weather! Don't know what to wear on a chilly day? Find inspiration from others who have uploaded looks for a chilly day. It's brilliant really. Discover all the amazing looks available in your area, what people are wearing. I think its great when you're going to visit another city and just want to find out what the street style is like over there. 
You can find me on cloth @ncavien. Also, my interview with Cloth is also up on their blog here. Do check it out and make sure to download the app available on the app store. A quick look below for you guys, photographed differently for a change. 
Hope to see you guys on Cloth! Until here, hope you're all well! Nx

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