The Book Affair Performance

If you follow me on instagram you would probably know by now that I recently performed at an event that me and my classmate ran. It was part of our course, but I honestly learned so much from it. Dealing with people and all, not an easy task. It's my first time being so involved in an event, and given the role I was given, I really tried to make sure I didn't screw up my job. There was so much to hold together, so much decision to be made and so much to control, something which I wasn't used to. 
Anyways, I had a splendid time performing with Steven again! I uploaded three of my favourite performances which you can watch below. I know I have much to learn to perfect my singing but at this point with no vocal classes ever, I think I did a pretty good job as this is only my fourth time performing on stage. A lot to work on but I hope you guys enjoy these video. A big thanks to Steven for being an awesome guitar player and friend!

Dress: Tropical printed bodycon dress, TopShop
Shoes: White striped wedge heels, Signature Label by Charles & Keith

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